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Client Bill of Rights

Client Rights

At the Thrive Centre we recognize that attending service is an act of emotional vulnerability. We are honoured that you have chosen us to share your personal journey. It is important that this process be as empowering as possible. Part of your empowerment includes honouring your rights as a client of the Thrive Centre.


At Thrive you have the right to...


  • Speak with the practitioner (e.g. have a free ‘meet and greet’) before starting personal sharing/counselling

  • Ask your practitioner about their experience, credentials, personal/professional beliefs (e.g. intersectional anti-racism anti-oppression), what brings them to this work, etc.

  • Refuse to receive service, even if important people in your life recommend it to you

  • End service at any time. Please note if you do decide to return at a later date you will be welcomed and scheduled as soon as a spot is available

  • Decline to work with a particular practitioner if you do not feel comfortable with them

  • Have the content of your sessions kept strictly confidential. Any exceptions to confidentiality will be explained to you before proceeding with support

  • Refuse to answer any question the practitioner asks that you are not comfortable answering

  • Provide the practitioner with feedback about your session

  • Ask the practitioner questions and/or request clarification at any time

  • Have all fees and policies explained to you prior to starting any process

  • Have a practitioner that provides you with emotional support–not the other way around. Any time a staff shares their life experience, it should be specifically related to your personal work in a way that makes sense to you and furthers your goals

  • Have a practitioner who respects your ethnicity, race, sexual orientation, gender identity, relationship status, age, ability and religion

  • Follow safe touch practices. Some modalities (e.g. psychodrama, hypnosis and psychodramatic bodywork) include elements of safe touch and physical contact. However, this is discussed in advance of beginning the process and consent is reviewed in detail.

  • Personal boundaries: your practitioner will never initiate social contact with you outside the counselling relationship

  • Not have information about you released without your signed consent


Adapted from this source.


Complaints process: We strive to ensure you receive excellent service. However, we recognize a situation may arise that requires service modification or professional accountability. We encourage you to address your concern directly with the practitioner first. If you feel unable to address you concern directly, and you would like to file an official complaint, you have the following options:


1. File a complaint with the Thrive Centre. Please contact us at to request a copy of our complaints process

2. File a complaint with the college that applies to that professional’s certification/qualifications

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